Sub.FM 7th July 2015

Recorded live on Sub.FM on 7th July 2015

Tune in every Tuesday 8-10pm UK Time (3-5pm NYC Time / 12-2pm LA Time / Weds 7-9am Melbourne Time)


Troy Gunner – Lay
Raden – Subterranean
Ackerman & Hausent – What Makes You Real
Demuja – Listen
Last Magpie – Separation
Corey Biggs – Bring Em Water (Emma Jai Re-Work)
Key The Great – I Dont Need You (Original Mix)
Key The Great – I Dont Need You (Remix)
Kit Rice – Nonsence (DJD Remix)
Palace – Codex
Flow & Zeo – Looking For (Adana Twins Remix)
Beneath – Freeze
Rockstar – The One Principle Being
Toni Morreti – Rioja
Martyn – EF40
Somah – Workhorse (Hajimari Remix)
Coity Rykennon – Lover (Thorn Remix)
Mokujin feat Alex Jarvis – Love Just (Future Garage Mix)
Drayton – A Little Higher (DDA 4am Remix)
K-Lone – Broke
Phrixus – Ghost
Conforce – Blue Note
Aniki – Storm (Jus-Ed Remix)
Diego Valle – W46-7 (PrinceL Remix)
Degrees of Freedom – Children of the Sun (Version)
Jem Haynes & Ian Blevins – Soundsystem
Daggers – Don’t Need You (Skapes Remix)
Whistla – Love Is Joy
Doxx Rampers – Feel The Bass (Club Mix)
Denham Audio – No Entry