7 Mixes in 7 Days: House

Following hot on the heels of my Wake & Bake Breakfast Shows this week I’ve decided to challenge myself to do 7 mixes in 7 days!
These will be all different genres to what I normally play so as to keep things fresh and interesting.
The artwork for each mix will be a picture I took the day I created the mix.
I’ll upload a new mix each day for the next 7 days starting today.
Todays mix is House.


Whistla feat DJ Kem – Double E
Princeton Rejects – Be With You
Kevin Saunderson feat Inner City – Future (MK AW Deep Dub)
DJ NIBC & Patrick L feat Andreas Cavaco – Call Me (Remix)
James Silk – Undercover Romance
Marshall Jefferson & Noosa Heads – Mushrooms (Trevino Remix)
Bareskin – Eyes
Storm Queen – Look Right Through (MK Dub III)
Ryan Jordan – When The Sun Goes Down (Extended Mix)
sleepyhead – Be There
Whistla – Werehouse
Chris Mounter – Cant Take It
Homeboy – Hula Hoop

For more on this mix series go here: http://www.whistla.com/2015/10/02/7-mixes-in-7-days/

Wake & Bake Breakfast on Sub.FM 2nd October 2015

Recorded live on Sub.FM on 2nd October 2015

This is the third of 3 “Wake & Bake Breakfast” Shows I am did this week on Sub.FM

Big thanks to everyone that locked in live!

Full info can be found on Whistla.com

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Loefah – System
Andrea Atzeni – Deamadre
Kushi – Jah Is There
Mista-E – Don’t Believe The Hype
Littlefoot – Pripyat
Cloud 9 – Do You Want Me (Dem 2’s Step To Heaven Remix)
Frankie Knuckles – Your Love
Fantan Mojah – Warm In The Street
Junior X – Plead My Cause
Egyptian – Mama Don’t Cry
Christinti – Jah Never Fail
Dub Community – Human
TNT – Another Classic
Carpainter – Brok Y
Distance – Nomad
Whistla – Thuggee
Scuba – Plate
Quest Hardfood
Mala – Blue Notez
Whistla – Arnold’s Dub
Joe Smooth – Promised Land
Shut Up & Dance feat Peter Bouncer – I’m Raving I’m Raving
Blackbox – Ride On Time
The Tellurians – Espaco Suave
Macka B – Give Praise

Seven 45s: 90s Noise & Drone

For my second Seven 45s I’ve chosen to select some 90s Noise & Drone that, at times, crosses into Ambient territory. I have always liked how Noise, Drone and Ambient can skate very close to each other and have explored that idea with this selection. A lot of these tracks I have never really known much about other than I like them. Some of the records have zero information on and it was only because of doing this Seven 45s that I have actually found out the names of some of the tracks! The Lee Ranaldo tracks that form the start, middle and end of the selection however are some of my core Noise favourites and were what helped to spark my interest in the style.


Lee Ranaldo – Smoke Ring #5
Eyvind Kang – Universal Indians
Drone – Stravinsky
Lee Ranaldo – Broken Circle
Loren Mazzacane Connors – Deirdre Of The Sorrows (Part 3)
Bovine Over Sussex W – If Only They Could Make Microscopic People… Well, That Would Be Fantastic.
Lee Ranaldo – A Perfect Day

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Seven 45s: Stock, Aitken & Waterman

There is something about the brevity of playing Seven 45rpm (7 inch) records.
It is enough to convey a message, create a feeling, tell a story, and much, much more, but doesn’t consume too much listener time.
Further to this, in terms of starting out in DJing, it is easy and cheap to start collecting 7 inch records. A quick trip to the charity shop will get you a record player and a clutch of 45s.
During a 1 or 2 hour radio show or podcast you may dip into and out of the music over the course of a listen thru.
Seven 45s is less daunting and can hopefully inspire other people into looking at music differently & to do the same & create there own Seven 45s set(s).
“Seven 45s” maybe a concise format, but that doesn’t mean inferior.
Just like 45s themselves have to distill down the (usually longer) full version of the track, Seven 45s sets distill down DJ mixing to the quinticential Seven 45rpm 7 inch records.
Seven 45s allows DJs to be less concerned with beat matching as “mixing” in the traditional sense doesn’t have to apply. Letting tracks play out to the noisy end is fine in Seven 45s, as long as the next track is played promptly after with no large pauses.
The flow of a Seven 45s recording doesn’t have to be synced or beat matched.
Think of Seven 45s like the vinyl based musical equivalent of Haiku’s, easy to start doing yourself, but can take a lifetime to master.

The rules:

Seven tracks from seven different 7 inch 45rpm records “Seven 45s”

That’s it.

Seven 45s

This is my first one.

For this Seven 45s I’ve decided to focus on the 80s production powerhouse Stock, Aitken & Waterman. If you don’t know that name I am certain you will recognise the music. From Kylie to Bananarama to Dead Or Alive “S.A.W” were the production team behind more than 100 UK top 40 hits!
Here is my “Seven 45s” from there back catalog.


Bananarama – Venus
Mel & Kim – Showing Out
Pat & Mick – I Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet
Kylie Minogue – Hand On Your Heart
Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up
Jason Donovan – Too Many Broken Hearts
Dead Or Alive – Your Spin Me Round (Like A Record)

For more on my Seven 45s go here: http://www.whistla.com/2015/10/01/seven-45s/