Sub FM 13th December 2016

Sorry for the pause in casts, 2016 was a mad one! lol
All sets have been up on my Mixcloud and the Sub FM Archives as per normal though.

Recorded live on Sub FM on 13th December 2016

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Pano Manara – Obscure Night
Pano Manara – Night Driven
Kercha – The Smell Of Time
Origin of Time & Luke Hazell – Reception
Soundbrio – Dust In The Window
Sam Swindle – Space Is The Best
Emilove – Epic Sound
Emilove – Epic Sound (Epic Sound Remix)
Emilove – Naturally Syllables
Emilove – Naturally Syllables (Naturally Syllables Remix)
Luy Z – Savage (Salvatore Bruno Remix)
Luca Lento – Trippin Back
Luca Lento – Trippin Back (Background Remix)
Luca Lento – Trippin Back (Last Vision Remix)
Pano Manara – Finest Moment
Pano Manara – Exposure
Yasuo Sato – Detroit Three
Edmondson – Diamond Life
Razzaro – Lorca
Andrea Matteu – Vibe Room
Reagan (IE) – Minimal Art A
Ku$h – Deep Choices
Whistla – Deep Terrain
SOAME – Nudge
Four Seasons – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town