7 Mixes in 7 Days: XY2 Label Showcase

The 6th in my 7 Mixes in 7 Days Series is a XY2 label showcase.
Somehow being deep, fast and progressive all at once I’ve long been a fan of this label so thought I’d really investigate it for this mix and pull out some of my favorites from there catalog. The artwork on the sleeves is so good I just had to use it for the artwork.
100% Vinyl!


Helix & Fury – E = XY2
The Tekno Dred Alliance – Endorphia
Helix – Deep Incision
Citadel Of Kaos – Spice Of Life (Freestyle Mix)
Helix – Life Death and Chocolate
The Tekno Dred Alliance – Spiritual Blessings
Cortex – Summer Lovin

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