Sub FM 25th June 2019

Recorded live on Sub FM 25th June 2019

Tune in every Tuesday 8-10pm UK Time

(12-2pm LA / 3-5pm NYC / 9-11pm EU / 11pm-1am Moscow / 5-7am Tokyo)


Roz Rozzer – Always
Luca Draccar – Violet Blue
Cats on Bricks – In My Brainz (Elternhouse Remix)
Kofa feat Wan Roux & Vika Tendery – Night
Migue Boy – Double Face
Notches – Reality (Original Club Mix)
Christian Hornbostel – Apolune
Ejeca – Hours
Adam Holiday – Rhythm of Life
Rodrigo Lima – Hit The Blunt
GS ft DJ Elski – No I Can’t
Roz Rozzer – Secrety
Jaksan – Love Is The Answer
Rob Evs – LL20
Robert Raya – Way You
Frank Pyres – Alma
Antonio Rec – Left Right
Antonio Rec – Left Right (Ciappy DJ Remix)
Sgt.Elias – House in Bb
Pete Wilde ft Rubix – Do or Die (Hungry House Hippo Remix)
Andrey Exx & Terry B! – Weak
Secretsundaze – Mezcal
Thirteenth Output – Travel To Stars
Taiki Nulight – Turn It Up
Roz Rozzer – Reptile Love

Sub.FM 29th September 2015

Recorded live on Sub.FM on 29th September 2015

Tune in every Tuesday 8-10pm UK Time (3-5pm NYC Time / 12-2pm LA Time / Weds 7-9am Melbourne Time)


Andrea Atzeni – Mont Ceniss
Effenem – Dagon
Jelly For The Babies – Erased Memories
Luka Tacon – Hard Times
Midmood – Depth A
Kercha & Papa Drap – So Much
PrinceL – Lost In Amnesia
Aschella – Attraction
Suddenly Strange – I Say (Glasshouse Remix)
Dub Community – Human
Urban Masters – Jay Walk
GWM – Reach For The Clouds
Oskar Guerrero – Just Now
Nomine – Menacer
Whistla – Nuit Noire
Daitek – Remember Me
Qadafee – Lunar Dew
Saltar – Astary
Farao & George Kagais – Underground Path
Mokeon – Mkn04
Albuquerque – Navio Pirata (Barem Remix)
Effenem – Urly
Vessels – Elliptic (Barker & Baumecker Remix)
Urban Masters – Dreaming