Sub FM 12th June 2018

Recorded live on Sub FM 12th June 2018

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Ampear – Satava
Ampear – Satava (Samson Remix)
Starmist – Wet Like Lorraine (Instrumental Remix)
GS feat Alessandro – Trembling Hornz
TT Project – My Club
Nicola a’Angella – Clave (Rosario Sorrentino Remix)
Nicola a’Angella – Clave (Oner Zetnel Remix)
Carmelo Carone – Sit_Wait (Dub Mix)
Starmist – Mystery Kiss Me
Salvatore Bruno – Gipsy
Monofade – Love Is A Tender
Noiyse Project – Never Had A Rave
Emilove – El Canto (Ataman Live Remix)
Hooten – I Like
Gioshua – The Weekend (Massimo Solinas Remix)
Starmist – Paradoxical Shift
Starmist – Hairy Kitty Pie
Starmist – Hidden Ace
GS feat DJ Maddness – Bass Maddness Dub
Curtis Daniels – Resistance (KERFO Remix)
Pinky feat Creeper & Jiggie – Alcohol’s The Devil (Pesci Tech House Remix)
Repozt & J Roddherz – Touch It
John Teki – In Athens
Orko – Up/Up/Down/Down/Left/Right/A/B