7 Mixes in 7 Days

Following hot on the heels of my Wake & Bake Breakfast Shows this week I’ve decided to challenge myself to do 7 mixes in 7 days! These will be all different genres to what I normally play so as to keep things fresh and interesting. The artwork for each mix will be a picture I took the day I created… Read more →

Seven 45s

You can listen to all my Seven 45s using the players below, the dedicated playlist on Mixcloud or via my Podcast. There is something about the brevity of playing Seven 45rpm (7 inch) records. It is enough to convey a message, create a feeling, tell a story, and much, much more, but doesn’t consume too much listener time. Further to… Read more →

Whistla’s Wake & Bake Breakfast Show

For 1 week only I’m playing breakfast shows on the big bad Sub.FM! I’ll be playing 8-10am UK Time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (28th Sept, 30th Sept & 2nd Oct). Lock in while you have your coffee and cornflakes, while stuck in traffic, on the bus, heading to school, college, uni or work and start your day with the… Read more →

So I Made Some Deep Dreams…

I (like everyone else) have been loving the images generated by Google’s Deep Dream AI Neural Network Code and I thought I’d do some too… First I started with myself: Which after a few processes came out like this: But I’d seen some more interesting pics & thought I’d run it through the code a load more times, 10 in… Read more →